Friday, September 14, 2012

Downingtown East Pennsbury half

It has been a contrast in styles at Kottmeyer and after 2 quarters the Cougars are winning that battle. East controlled tempo the first drive with its no huddle offense, resulting in a short TD reception by Jay Harris. But Pennsbury took over control of the pace the next couple series by pounding the Cougars up the gut and tying things up on its first drive.

Pennsbury maintained control by picking off lauletta and sticking to its forceful ground attack, plus a few big gains on play action. Without Daquan Mack playing any offense the Falcons have still rushed for over 100 yards. East has been able to get 2 stops in its own territory with Pennsbury missing a pair of 33-yd field goals.

A 91-yard kick return has kept pennsbury in it, but Lauletta has found a rhythm, throwing for 207 yards and running for 41 and another TD.

The Suburban 1 has given East fits historically and we'll see whose style wears out the other first. East has no running game outside Lauletta on keeps but if the Cougars can get up a couple scores it will hurt the Falcons due to their style of play.

Pennsbury will receive to start the 2nd half.

Nate Heckenberger

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